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What are the characteristics?

Many people online

Support large numbers of users at the same time real-time interaction.

Server backups

Support the regular automatic backup and manual backup.

Works with linux/windows systems

Linux supports (x86/x64): Ubuntu, Debain, Centos, Redhat. Others not tested. supports all versions of Windows, but Windows version only for debugging.

Improve client sdk

Clients have to do is receive event data is then rendered. Support Ogre, Unity3d, Cocos2d, Html5 etc.

Easily configurable

Configure how KBE operates in the (assets)/res/server/kbengine.xml and kbe/res/server/kbengine_defaults.xml file. Sensible defaults mean you won't need to alter much, but allow changing anything you can think of.

Load Balancing

To more efficient use of limited hardware, Dynamic load balancing technology in the high-load engine will still be able to work better.

Strong supporting tool

Online debug, view status, startup and shutdown.

Simple game design

Only need to use Python script can efficiently complete the game design.

Beautiful code

Readable code means less bugs, easier fixes, simpler updates, and lowers the learning curve for new contributors to the project. Why not the code and start today.

Cron support

Out of the box cron script provided for backups, logrolls and more.

Unit Test

Each version has been unit tested.

Open Source

Built for and maintained by the community thanks to GitHub


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Project Milestones