The narrative of KBE

Welcome kbe

01 September 2013

Good news! Merging of pull requests and dealing with issues is now being helped along by kbengine who’s now a collaborator with the GitHub repository.

So be on the look out for new releases of KBEngine!


100 Stargazers!

05 November 2012

Back in August (2 months ago), I was excited to say that kbengine had 50–what were at that time–watchers. Now it’s up to 100 stargazers which, to me, feels quite special.

I simply wanted to mark this occation with a post. That is all.



03 November 2012

I have had, since starting kbe, two or three people enquire about donations. It’s a fantastic feeling; that someone without prompting would, of their own free accord, wish to encourage the project by donating money.

If you’re wishing to donate–and I by no means want to encourage you to do so (staring the project on GitHub is all the reward I need)–then now you can with the new PayPal donation page.

A link to this page can also be found at and, as a “Donate” button at the top of the GitHub project readme page.

I’m not sure if it’s possible to discern this information, but if donators would agree, I will have a page immortalising those kind few who did give so graciously to kbe, by listing their names.

I’m so pleased that kbe has got to the stage where people think it’s worth supporting!


Is it worth creating a blog, I wondered, for kbe. Well, the project has reached 50 watchers, now stars, on github, and I felt like celebrating that fact in some way.

After starting the project a few months ago I have nailed down a lot of the functionality I needed on my own servers. The input and testing contributed by others has acted as a fantasic motivator for the project.

Maybe check out the list of stargazers for kbe, and give it a star yourself if you would recommend it to others.

The release of kbengine 0.1.1 has kbe needing a minor version update to accomodate all those changes. I (kbe) have recently begun a new Job, so I hope everyone will forgive me whilst I learn to ballance my responsibility to kbe with my hungar for money!