Download sources:

You can also join the KBEngine project at any time to get the update.stargazers,fork

You can easily build:


Test System (x32/x64): Centos >= 5.x, Debian >= 5.x, Redhat, Ubuntu
The compiler GCC: >= 4.4.x

[root @ localhost ~]# yum install openssl-devel (On Ubuntu, use "apt-get install libssl-dev")
[root @ localhost ~]# yum install mysql-server (On Ubuntu, use "apt-get install mysql-server")
[root @ localhost ~]# yum install mysql-devel  (On Ubuntu, use "apt-get install libmysqld-dev")

[root @ localhost ~]# cd kbengine/kbe/src
[root @ localhost/ src]# chmod -R 755 .
[root @ localhost/ src]# make




1: If using other versions of the compiler is best to openssl, log4cxx (kbengine/kbe/src/libs/*a.) Have to be recompiled.

2: mysql path on some platforms may not /usr/bin/mysql_config

	Modify kbengine/kbe/src/build/common.mak the MYSQL_CONFIG_PATH=/usr/bin/mysql_config

3: On Linux compiled as python Unable to initialize because the situation can not be normal operation (this is a bug
	You can execute the following command to solve this problem

	[root @ localhost ~] cd kbengine/kbe/src/lib/python
	[root @ localhost ~] ./configure
	[root @ localhost ~] make
	[root @ localhost ~] make install