Online debugging tools:

Use visualization toolsGUIConsole:

Use script toolsCluster Controller:

  • you can use this tool to view status information for running the server (see: Information query servers)

  • You can enter the python command line tools for debugging (see: Console)

The use of Telnet serviceskbengine_defaults.xml->telnet_service:

cellapp	: telnet localhost 50000
baseapp	: telnet localhost 40000
client	: telnet localhost 51000

Debugging skills:

###Allows the generation of core files(Linux only):

Adding ~/.bashrc file:
	ulimit -c unlimited

Require root privileges:
	[root@gameserver ~]# echo '%e.core.%p' > /proc/sys/kernel/core_pattern

###Breakpoint debugging:

Only engine layer c + + code can use breakpoint debugging, Turn off the breakpoint debugging server heartbeatkbengine_defaults.xml->channelCommon->timeout.

Script layer can only view the output log, or use the Python command line to debug, Because it is a distributed service program, so I do not support breakpoint.

###Python debugging the game logic(Python command line input):

Print all entities:

>>> KBEngine.entities.items()
[1: Space at 0x4D3040, 2: Monster at 0x4D3038]

>>> for entityID, entity in KBEngine.entities.items(): print("entityID:%i, entity=%s")
1, Space at 0x4D3040
2, Monster at 0x4D3038

Change the position of Entity:

>>> KBEngine.entities[entityID].position
(10.0, 0, 10.0)

Change the direction of Entity:

>>> KBEngine.entities[entityID].direction.z = math.pi

Entity call method:

>>> KBEngine.entities[entityID].funcXXX()

Create a Entity manual(cellapp):

>>> e = KBEngine.createEntity("Monster", spaceID, (10.0, 0, 10.0), (0.0, 0, 0.0), {})

Remote-method call of Entity(cellapp):

>>> KBEngine.entities[entityID].base.func()
>>> KBEngine.entities[entityID].client.func()

You can be in the Python command line, the execution of any Python code.

###The performance analysis:

Engine performance analysis

Script performance analysis

Network state analysis

Event processing analysis

Watch variables:

Engine allows the use of tools to monitor the current process variables(Example: the total number of send-packets, the current number of players), Users can also add a variable to be monitored in the script.

see also: GUIConsole->watcher-tab.

Examples: add a variable to be monitored in the script(the current number of players):

	def countPlayers():
		i = 0
		for e in KBEngine.entities.values():
			if e.__class__.__name__ == "Avatar":
				i += 1
		return i


		KBEngine.addWatcher("scripts/countPlayers", "UINT32", countPlayers)