Installer tools


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A simple Python script tools can be(installation, uninstallation, Update, Get the version, etc).


python install
	Install development environment (dependent, environment variables, etc.), From the KBE_ROOT search.

python install=localsrc
	 Install from local-disk(Source code), From the KBE_ROOT search.

python install=remotesrc
	Install from github(Source code).

python install=remotebin
	Install from sourceforge(Binary releases).

python install={, xxx.tar.gz}
	Install .zip/.tar.gz file.

python uninstall
	Uninstall KBEngine.

python evn
	The output of the KBEngine environment.

python resetevn
	Reset the KBEngine environment.

python version
	Get the KBEngine current version.

python help
	List all of the command descriptions.